Challenge & API

Challenge Statement

Create a solution that puts New Hampshire at the center of your design. How can you solve a ‘problem’ that you see in NH voting! 

Examples include, the way we vote, tracking, tally, how we poll, how to encourage voting, how can it be more transparent, how can we improve the process, etc. 

While we want you to come up with a creative solution, we are looking to award the team that demonstrates the most attention given to its user base.

API Options

These are just some ideas and options for your project; you are not required to use any specific API for this challenge!

50 Most Useful APIS for Developers

Data USA: New Hampshire


Public API's

Liberty Mutual:

You may leverage the Liberty Mutual Shine API, which incorporates Liberty Mutual data, insurance core competencies, and city infrastructure data to help customers live a life without worry. Featured services include Total Home Score, Vehicle Thefts, Vehicle Stats, and Parking Rules. (you may be required to create an account to access certain information)

The use of Liberty Mutual’s API is not required.